Does medical science offer us the ultimate temptation – eternal life?

Not according to Future Timeline,, which predicts that the upper limit of the human lifespan is just 125 years.

Boring! Who are they kidding?

The view from a century hence…

We asked Hannah Cohen, Chief Medical Officer of the Prometheus mission* to develop human civilisation on Exoplanets.

“Ah, well” she said, “you can’t really expect me to comment on the absurdity of predictions made at the beginning of a scientific cycle. Genomics Applications Technology was in its infancy back in 2017. Most people didn’t even know their genomic profiles and genome specific medicines weren’t yet available. Can you imagine our undertaking to visit an alien planet without the capacity to diagnose and treat a health issue with a medicine synthesised automatically for the specific individual affected?”

Science is clever, delivery is rubbish

We agreed, but we wondered about incidents out there in the field – surprise attacks by giant spitting spiders*, for instance.

“Yes, delivery is always the rubbish end of the business” she said with disgust. “We get the biochemical profile of the pathogen almost instantaneously from the victim’s brain by CTT*, and then we have all the data to produce the antidote, but sometimes the drones just don’t get there fast enough.” She sighed.

Modify the testosterone response

And where are we on eternal life, we wondered.

“How much do you want us to re-engineer your DNA?” she countered with an impish grin. “Number of hands, extra-sensory perception, size of genitalia?

That jogged our memory. “Is it true that you had sex with an 8 foot alien lizard?” we asked.

“I never comment on scientific experiments” she said demurely, “and certainly not on a rumour from Omnipotence Book II, which isn’t published yet.”

We backed off, fretting about where all this scientific research will ultimately take us.

Hannah grinned again. “The trick is to modify the testosterone response, eliminate the unproductive aggression and retain the fun bit” she said.

What? Suppress the primordial drive that took us out of the swamp? Is that then the Great Filter that determines whether a civilisation survives? It hardly sounds worth living for…


*See Omnipotence: Book I –Odyssey



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