A journey headlong into the reality of the near future of mankind.

The intelligent Universe out there never sleeps. Nor should you.

Omnipotence – Reviews

Via The Bookbag
Summary: A gripping drama and character study that takes science fiction themes and binds them together to form a fascinating and compelling plot that excites and entertains as it pilots the reader towards a thrilling climax.
Format: Paperback
…crafting a plot which grips the reader. …author Geoff Gaywood has done so in a clever, thrilling way…..the diverse and varied cast …. each are swiftly drawn with deft characterisation …. as they socialise, flirt, chat, argue, and investigate strange happenings amongst them…
Emphasis on the strong female characters… take the lead in a genre which has traditionally been very testosterone driven…. the mission begins in earnest and things really escalate…. bringing things to a thrilling climax… a lively and compelling cast whose interactions are endlessly enjoyable, but then weaving in intricate ideas and themes. Paced well, intricately plotted and with a definite grasp of character voice, Geoff Gaywood has begun his Odyssey trilogy on an incredibly strong note.
Reviewer: Luke Marlowe, Bookbag, on 10 April 2017

Richard B London
Summary: Intelligent and Exciting Science Fiction
Format: Kindle Edition
… a “page-turner” …intelligent and well-written science fiction…coherent and persuasive in its extrapolation of the future. … insightful on the future of our planet and convincing on the consequences of our short-sighted abuse of it. …knows his science . … seemingly impossible becomes surprisingly plausible.
Notably fast-paced and exciting. I found myself thinking about a screenplay version….has the potential to be made into a remarkable film
Reviewer: Richard B London on February 20, 2017

Summary: …a magnificent job at mixing credible scenarios of our possible future with knowledge of physics, technology, society, diversity and the essence of life.
Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase
… a magnificent job at mixing credible scenarios of our possible future with knowledge of physics, technology, society, diversity and the essence of life. … the right amount of human needs in a witty way. …style is cult and direct and it makes reading easy.
Reviewer: Amazon Customer on April 8, 2017

Summary:5.0 out of 5 starsSaving the World – Great characters and a suspenseful plot in space
Format: Kindle Edition |Verified Purchase
… fast paced story and really engaging …timely, given current concerns about global warming and political unrest.
Great character development….Tension builds around the story’s main intrigue through giving us glimpses… liked the level of technical detail… the author has good underlying knowledge but doesn’t get too complex.
Finally … giant marauding spiders!
Reviewer: 1writer1 on February 21, 2017

Antonia Siddle
Summary: Really enjoyed. Read over two days as could not put …
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Really enjoyed. … could not put it down. The plot cracks along at a fast pace. Well thought out characters. Found myself rooting for some of them. Looking forward to next instalment.
Reviewer: Antonia Siddle on 15 Jan. 2017

Anthony Golding
Summary: A compelling intergalactic thriller based on an all too plausible scenario
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
…an effective sci-fi story set early in the next century… world is chaos due to the impact of climate change. …an international effort to discover new worlds where humankind could make a fresh start….highly readable thriller describes the obstacles and dilemmas faced…on this critical mission.
Reviewer: Anthony Golding on 12 Feb. 2017

Coleridgegill on Amazon
Summary: A real page-turner.
Format: Kindle Edition
Good plotting- a real page-turner. Great holiday read. Some food for thought as well, given the current geo-political situation. I’ll definitely read the next one.
Reviewer: Coleridgegill on 10 Feb. 2017

Welcome to Omnipotence

Back cover blurb

Omnipotence belongs to the genre of futuristic realism, set in a context somewhere between possible and probable a hundred years from now. It is not fantasy. It makes plausible assumptions about technological progress and then invites the reader to participate in addressing the challenges that ensue.

With civilised order beginning to disintegrate due to the disruption and suffering caused by progressive global warming, mankind is confronted with some fundamental questions:
• What do you do when the viability of human civilisation on Earth can no longer be sustained?
• How do you reach an alternative home for the human race given the distances involved and the limitations imposed by the speed of light?
• How do you maintain mental health and social stability on such a venture?
• How do you progress the colonisation of a new planet from initial settlement to viable economy?
• How do you respond when you find your plans conflict with those of another civilisation?
• Given the scale and complexity of the Universe, is it conceivable that our thoughts and actions could be influenced by some superior power with its own agenda?

These are serious question that humanity will inevitably have to face as it emerges from its comfortable little solar system and begins to engage with the intelligent Universe beyond.
Omnipotence is the story of how they might cope and how their perception of the purpose and value of human civilisation may evolve.

Against a background of deteriorating conditions on Earth, our heroine Arlette is selected to command an inter-stellar mission to secure a foothold on a distant planet thought suitable for human habitation. As the mission progresses, she and her crew are sorely tested by a violent internal conspiracy, alien intervention and simmering emotional tensions. They complete a spectacular transition to a remote solar system where they find that their goal, as dangerous as it is exotic, already has the ominous attention of another civilisation. Arlette becomes a visionary leader, defining the newly emerging role of humanity while transforming her fledgling colony into a viable entity. However, a series of perplexing events suggest that their mission may be subordinate to a much greater power with its own strategic agenda…

Essentially an adventure story, spiced with the conflicts, sex and humour typical of mankind as we know it, Omnipotence raises the scientific, philosophical and moral issues that will arise in such a venture. It is the story of how people like us might cope and how the values of human civilisation may evolve in our fast-approaching future, culminating in the ultimate question: ‘Who is really in control, and to what end?’

Published: 28/05/2017
ISBN: 9781785899188
Format: Paperback

Price: £9.99



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