About the Author

Geoff Gaywood graduated as a chemical engineer from Imperial College and joined an American multinational, living and working in Europe, the Far East and Africa. Rising ultimately to become CEO of a global public company, with entrepreneurial side steps along the way, he summarily turned his back on it all to pursue his lifelong passion for writing. A music lover and fitness fanatic, he admits to a fascination with the interaction between theoretical Physics and Philosophy.
This book is the product of a baby-boomer scientist with social conscience. An enthusiastic participant in the technology revolution that took man into space, but acutely conscious of the environmental legacy of his self-indulgent generation. Omnipotence brings these two realities together and demands an answer for the future of mankind.

This is Book I  of the Omnipotence trilogy. Book II, which deals with the interaction between alien intelligent species after a cataclysmic disaster, is well advanced. Book III is at the conceptual stage.