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Extrapolating into the near future of mankind

The Omnipotence Blog takes the view that the key events and decisions that will decide the future of mankind, as advancing technology brings it to the threshold of interaction with extra-terrestrial intelligent beings, are fast approaching. There is no room for fantasy. The social, philosophical and technological pre-cursors of our civilization are already in place and deeply imbedded. We will learn a lot more, but the time scale is too short for us to evolve physically or neurologically. Our instinctive behaviours will be as they are now. The pressure may come from deteriorating conditions on our own planet, or competition from outside, but our period of cosy isolation on Planet Earth is fast coming to an end – and, judging by our current political behavior, we are woefully unprepared. If you are interested in these themes, this blog is for you…

Where is Genomics taking us?

Where is Genomics taking us?

Does medical science offer us the ultimate temptation – eternal life? Not according to Future Timeline,, which predicts that the upper limit of the human lifespan is just 125 years. Boring! Who are they...

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